18 Jan

Why People Turn to Artificial Grass Instead of Real, Natural Grass

Artificial Grass in San Diego

Grass is almost a necessity for any outdoor space, both in residential and commercial properties.For many people, the lawn or garden is one of the hardest areas in your home to maintain. The traditional lawn requires proper trimming and regular cutting, especially during the spring and summer seasons, and not to mention the tedious job of weeding and cutting. These are very time-consuming, and if you’re someone who is always on the go, can be annoying and unkempt. Because of these, artificial grass has been invented and developed as a durable and low-maintenance alternative. With artificial grass, you are able to do a lot of things that you weren’t able to do when you had real grass present on your lawn.

Synthetic Grass Vs Natural Grass: How will it benefit you?

It’s easy to notice how viable and practical having artificial grass is. Compared to traditional lawns, it doesn’t take countless hours of toil and an uncertain end result. Here are some of the differences between artificial and real grass:

  • One important consideration when it comes to grass is the cleanliness feature. It’s a common dilemma to find mud and little bits and pieces of fresh cut grass being trailed all over your property under the shoes of your family and friends. With an artificial lawn, you won’t have to worry about mud or scattered grass inside your home anymore because it is not planted on soil and it does not need to be cut or mowed.
  • Real grass feels really good underfoot if cleaned and maintained properly. Artificial grass has been designed to have a very realistic look and feel because its structure is made out of soft polyethylene fibers that make it soft to the touch and will never graze your foot or cause any kind of abrasion and scratching.
  • It is so easy to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your lawn area with synthetic grass and it can be difficult to achieve that in a real lawn, with all the factors you have to consider, like weather, water supply, pests, and more.
  • When it comes to its maintenance and cost, artificial grass is just as good as it gets. To tell you frankly, artificial grass is the only best solution to lawn-related problems that offers superior adaptability partnered with the need for less maintenance. The only maintenance that you’ll be doing is a once-over with a stiff brush and removing debris and leaves often, which never takes time. Ever. On the contrary, if you want your natural lawn to be aesthetically pleasing and healthy, you would have to invest hard-earned money in fertilizer, pest control, sprinklers, a mower, and a gardener.
  • Real grass requires regular watering or sprinkling to keep it hydrated and green. However, it can get muddy and puddles may appear especially in wet weather. An artificial turf, on the other hand, has free draining holes that provide a porous backing and proper drainage, and UV protection that is sure to preserve the longevity of your artificial grass. No more flooding, unpleasant puddles, and mud!
  • With it being very adaptable and easy to install, the uses of artificial grass are various. The popularity of artificial grass is ever growing as it continues to provide the perfect area treatment for a vast number of locations and diverse places like playgrounds, public recreation areas, business facades, and of course, residential properties.

Artificial Grass Innovation & Quality

Artificial grass has come a very long way since it was first introduced in 1965. It has proven to be efficient which is why so many people are switching to having artificial grass, instead of real grass, on their lawns and gardens. They have shown a real interest in replacing their current lawns and gardens with the practical and affordable alternative of having artificial grass. Once you turn to artificial grass, you’ll find no reason why you would want to look back on natural grass.