17 Nov

Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Pet

Just like most pet lovers, the outdoors is the place to be when hanging out with your pet. However, it is not enough to just bring them outside and do whatever the heck you want. There are some important things to take into consideration to ensure an enjoyable experience every time.

Know your Pet’s Breed Type

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There are many different breeds of dogs and each one has its own special characteristics and capabilities. While most dogs are born ready to conquer the outdoors, there are certain breeds that require special attention and care. Dogs with small or shorter snouts, for example, are less able to endure tiring activities for long periods of time. Make sure that they play on pet-friendly turf with minimal slopes and elevation.

Ensure Pet Safety

Even if you are just bringing your pet out on the backyard, it is still crucial to make sure they are safe. An artificial turf for pets is becoming popular in San Diego nowadays because of how they are kept lush and green despite the low water supply experienced in this part of the country. An artificial pet turf helps pets get the most out of the outdoors without worrying its human regarding dog pests, poisonous plants, and other dangers found on a lawn. Pet artificial turf may seem dangerous but even veterinarians highly recommend fake grass for dogs.

Teach Basic Commands

Dogs can get wild and hyperactive once they are outdoors so it is the responsibility of the owner to teach and train them. The most basic commands they should learn about is “come”, “sit’”, and “stay”. Other things you might want to teach them is to refrain from chewing anything they see outdoors. This can be extremely helpful when you have an artificial turf for dogs. Although it is a pet friendly artificial turf, the fake grass blades can be dangerous when ingested.

Pack Accordingly

When bringing dogs outdoors, be it on the backyard or a public pet turf San Diego area, make sure to pack the things that would come handy for your pet. Treats and water should be at the top of your “to bring” list. You may also want to bring plastic bags for picking up dog poop, an extra leash, a first aid kit, and make sure they wear their dog tags or collars for identification.