Artificial Grass Installation San Diego Process

For those interested in learning more about the artificial grass installation San Diego process, keep reading. The following sections are prepared to provide a brief yet clear glimpse of how it is done. The installation process can be broken down into three main segments:







steps in artificial grass installation san diego

Here is a more in-depth look at each segment of the artificial grass San Diego installation process:


In this phase, the area that would be covered with artificial grass would need to be prepared properly to ensure proper installation. Between three or four inches of sod or soil would be removed to create a base layer that the installers would work on. This phase may also include the removal of more difficult materials like concrete.


As a replacement to the soil or sod removed in the preparation phase, between three to four inches of decomposed granite or class II road base will be placed on top. The leveling material will depend on the type of artificial grass that is going to be installed.


Once the base has been leveled, individual segments of turf shall now be laid on top and borders are formed. The individual segments will be secured along the seams and borders using 40d nails. This will help keep the turf down no matter what. This part of the finishing phase is quite simple, actually, and it usually takes around two to three days to complete a single lawn.

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The process we showed was simplified and there were a few details that were omitted. We want you to be well-informed so we are inviting you to give us a call if you want a more detailed explanation of the installation process. We would also want to let you know that we try to be as minimally invasive as possible throughout the process, making sure that surrounding plants and outdoor structures are kept safe and protected.

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