06 Oct

How to Care For Your Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass is a great solution for both residential and commercial properties because it can help save a good deal of money mostly spent on maintenance. Although it may require quite an amount for the initial investment, the savings it brings in the long run is worth it. It does indeed require very minimal care but it still has to be maintained well to keep it in clean and pristine condition, not only to make it look good all the time but to also optimize its life expectancy. Here are some great tips on how to care for a synthetic lawn.

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Clean it Up

After installation, contractors may not totally clean the area up. Although you don’t need a complete set of garden tools to clean it, you might want to at least have a hose, a leaf blower, and a rake. These are great for removing fallen leaves, if you have a tree nearby, which could rot on top of the fake grass if left there to dry. You may even use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust that may accumulate in time. This is especially important if you let kids play on the artificial grass.

Brush the Fake Grass

This can be done with a rake or a stiff brush. This synthetic grass may start to bend as time passes by, especially if foot traffic on it is quite heavy. To keep it looking up and alive again, just run to brush through it until the blades align in an upright position. You don’t have to do this on the whole area, just the areas where the blades seem to be bent.

Wash and Rinse Occasionally

If your kids use the synthetic lawn frequently, cleaning it with a mild detergent and water will help keep it clean from dirt and dust. If anything spills on it accidentally, a wash using mineral spirits will be quite handy. Just make sure to clean it up immediately before it dries and stains the grass permanently. Washing and rinsing will also help remove any unpleasant odors.

Keep it Cool in Hot Weather

An artificial lawn can get quite hot especially during very warm climate. If you plan on walking barefoot on it, it is highly recommended to hose some water onto it to cool it down first. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the heat of the sun will not damage the artificial grass blades at all.