16 Sep

The Benefits of Fake Grass for Small San Diego Backyards

Artificial grass is all the rave nowadays for both residential and commercial areas. Why not? It is a great solution to the water problems that San Diegans are currently facing. Also, it provides the consistent aesthetic appeal that any property owner is aiming for. But not only those with wide backyards and lawns have the privilege of enjoying the best artificial grass features. Even small spaces can have it installed, and for much better reasons.

fake grass

No Water Lines to Plan

It is definitely a challenge to plan and install water lines for a faucet or sprinklers in a very small backyard. This does not mean that you can forget about ever getting grass on your outdoor space forever. Installing artificial grass can give you the same benefits of having an outdoor area to play at and enjoy without having to worry about water lines or water itself.

Artificial Turf Grass Does Not Grow

Because it does not grow, your small backyard would never look like a small overgrown field if left unattended. Therefore, you won’t have to wake up one day and find that your backyard looks a lot smaller because it is crowded with overgrown grass. Also, you won’t ever have to deal with unwanted weed growing along with it.

Does Not Need Ample Sunlight

More often than not very small backyards can not maximize sunlight especially if it is built in a shaded area of a property. If you had real grass, you would probably be looking at yellow and dry, brown grass every single day. But because artificial grass installation does not ever require sunlight, then you’re all good.

It Is Highly Decorative

You may think that a small backyard gives you limited options when it comes to design. Whether you are installing artificial grass for dogs, kids, or for your own enjoyment, it can still look absolutely stunning all year round if you use fake grass.

Fake Grass Does Not Require Soil

One thing that this option ideal is the low cost of artificial grass. If you are living in a small property with a very small lawn or backyard, it can easily be done by a professional installer even if there is no soil available. You can consult a pro who knows how to install artificial grass as to how it could be done so you can get a better understanding.