15 Dec

Artificial Grass Installation: Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Lawns look a lot better with grass that looks green all year round. While there are many homeowners out there who would rather install artificial grass San Diego themselves, there are those who see the benefits of seeking the help of a licensed installer. So, to hire? Or not to hire?

artificial grass installation

Proper Installation

It is easy to learn how to install artificial grass with all the video tutorials available in the world today, but it is nothing compared to the gathered years of experience a pro has. Experience plays a huge role in perfecting a process or skill. Artificial turf may just be mats of fake grass put on top of the ground but the installer must be knowledgeable enough to prepare the ground properly, enjoin pieces and make it seamless, and more.

Shorter Installation Time

A licensed contractor of artificial turf has the right manpower to handle any lawn size. This makes it easier and quicker for them to install the grass. They would know what the first step is, where the grass should be first laid out, how to make it look natural and seamless, and more. Being all too familiar with the process cuts installation time in half.

Issues and Concerns

When a lawn owner comes across an issue or concern, a licensed installer can easily address it and provide a solution. Questions can immediately be asked before the installation so as to satisfy the lawn owner’s mind before proceeding with the project. In case any issue comes up during or after installation, a pro would be able to apply the fix and do something that can prevent it from happening again. Wondering if artificial grass for dogs San Diego would not emit harmful chemicals that would affect the health of pets? An experienced installer can provide you with the answers.

Long-Term Value

Although hiring a contractor would mean more expensive upfront artificial grass cost. You won’t believe just how much savings you would be able to get in the long run. The cost of artificial grass is nothing compared to how much lawn owners would get to save in their water bills and maintenance for several years. Besides, why exhaust yourself in installing fake grass by yourself when you can just sit back, relax, and let the pros do it. Just think about the long-term value fake grass would bring and you know you made the right decision in hiring a licensed installer.

09 Dec

DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass San Diego companies have seen a rise in the demand among residential homes in the last few years. It is difficult to deny the fact that fake grass requires minimal maintenance but stays lush and green all throughout the year. Although the cost of artificial grass could be quite high upfront, the long time value and savings it provides makes it a worthy investment. If you are interested in learning how to install artificial grass yourself, here are the basic steps in doing so:

Area Preparation

artificial grass san diego

Source: DIYNetwork.com

Remove existing turf from the area where fake grass will be installed, making sure that roots and large rocks are removed. If there is an existing paving material on top, like concrete, it needs to be removed with the proper tools and equipment. After the base is clear, add an aggregate, like decomposed granite or class II road base, as a sturdy base for the fake turf and to help drain water effectively. Make sure the aggregate is leveled and compacted properly.

Lay Down Artificial Turf

artificial grass san diego

Source: DIYNetwork.com

Lay the artificial grass San Diego material on top of the compacted aggregate base and cut off any excess. If several individual segments need to be placed to cover the whole area, glue or nail the seams together.

Secure the Fake Grass

artificial grass san diego

Source: DIYNetwork.com

Nail the edges or borders onto the ground to keep it in place. You may need to add a layer of silica sand on top of the grass to weigh it down. Brush the grass to evenly distribute the sand and to make the grass a lot more natural-looking. You may also want to hose it with water to get rid of dust and dirt, and to check if the draining system works as it should.

Whether you are interested in backyard putting greens or artificial grass for dogs San Diego installations, it is still highly recommended to opt for a professional install rather than a DIY project. A licensed contractor would have the appropriate knowledge and know-how to make the installation more efficient, faster, and the results more effective and long-lasting.

The professional artificial grass cost may be a bit more than a DIY since it has to cover labor costs as well, but imagine how much of your precious time and energy are saved. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your artificial turf to be ready for use.

17 Nov

Tips to Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Pet

Just like most pet lovers, the outdoors is the place to be when hanging out with your pet. However, it is not enough to just bring them outside and do whatever the heck you want. There are some important things to take into consideration to ensure an enjoyable experience every time.

Know your Pet’s Breed Type

pet turf san diego

There are many different breeds of dogs and each one has its own special characteristics and capabilities. While most dogs are born ready to conquer the outdoors, there are certain breeds that require special attention and care. Dogs with small or shorter snouts, for example, are less able to endure tiring activities for long periods of time. Make sure that they play on pet-friendly turf with minimal slopes and elevation.

Ensure Pet Safety

Even if you are just bringing your pet out on the backyard, it is still crucial to make sure they are safe. An artificial turf for pets is becoming popular in San Diego nowadays because of how they are kept lush and green despite the low water supply experienced in this part of the country. An artificial pet turf helps pets get the most out of the outdoors without worrying its human regarding dog pests, poisonous plants, and other dangers found on a lawn. Pet artificial turf may seem dangerous but even veterinarians highly recommend fake grass for dogs.

Teach Basic Commands

Dogs can get wild and hyperactive once they are outdoors so it is the responsibility of the owner to teach and train them. The most basic commands they should learn about is “come”, “sit’”, and “stay”. Other things you might want to teach them is to refrain from chewing anything they see outdoors. This can be extremely helpful when you have an artificial turf for dogs. Although it is a pet friendly artificial turf, the fake grass blades can be dangerous when ingested.

Pack Accordingly

When bringing dogs outdoors, be it on the backyard or a public pet turf San Diego area, make sure to pack the things that would come handy for your pet. Treats and water should be at the top of your “to bring” list. You may also want to bring plastic bags for picking up dog poop, an extra leash, a first aid kit, and make sure they wear their dog tags or collars for identification.

26 Oct

Why Fake Lawn is Perfect for Commercial Spaces

Businesses are always searching for ways to attract potential customer and to acquire a big clientele. What better way to entice them but to make commercial spaces a lot more impressive? Lawns or grassy areas outside establishments can affect the impression of anyone that passes by. A company that fails to mind their lawn may give an impression that they do not really care much about anything. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the lawn outside greener with zero maintenance: artificial grass. It has proven to be an ideal solution for homes in drought-stricken areas and for those who simply want something manageable and less troublesome. But should it also be an accepted solution for commercial spaces?

fake lawn

Artificial Grass Improves Aesthetics

Lush, green grass never fails to impress. An artificial lawn can provide that with utmost realism. People would not know the difference at all! It can be used to beautify a mini park, an event space, or even a welcoming landscape in front of any establishment. People can stand, sit, or walk on it and it will remain beautiful and in good shape.

Very Easy to Maintain

Business owners will definitely benefit from anything that is very easy on the upkeep. A synthetic lawn cuts down costs on having to hire a gardening or maintenance team to maintain the look and health of the lawn or landscape. Water supply need not be compromised because fake lawns have no need for it. Even if events are held on the lawn, the grass remains green and beautiful without any extra effort required from the company’s end.

Fake Grass is Cost-effective

Company budget is kept safe from common expenditures such as water bills and maintenance services. It may cost a bit more upon installation but think about how much savings it can provide the company in the years to come.

Eco-friendly Lawn

Artificial grass is definitely an environment-friendly product because it does not give off harmful fumes or chemicals which could endanger any living thing. It also eliminates the need for pesticides and helps conserve water efficiently.

Artificial Lawns are Versatile

Synthetic grass can be used for a wide range of spaces, be it indoors or out. It is a highly recommended lawn solution for amusement parks, hotel landscapes, country club putting greens, outdoor concert venues, and other commercial spaces. It is very easy to install and can cover both small and wide commercial areas.