07 Sep

Artificial Turf Installation: How Much Does it Cost?

Artificial grass is slowly gaining popularity due to a lot of good reasons. For those who are starting to take interest in having a synthetic turf installed in their backyard, cost is one of the most important factor that needs to be clarified first. This is totally understandable. Home improvement always comes with a price and homeowners must make sure that every penny goes to a sound investment.

artificial grass cost

Factors that Affect Artificial Grass Cost

The price of installing artificial grass depends on a lot of factors. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to get a quote from a reliable contractor first before actually hiring one and making the project happen.

  • Location – Cost can be affected by where you are located. It would depend if your residence is quite far and difficult to reach. It also depends on the geographic location as some states have higher price ranges than others.
  • Materials – There are quite a selection when it comes to fake grass, there is quite a selection of thickness, quality, type, and more. It might also depend on whether you are installing artificial grass for dogs, for a putting green, or for any specific purpose. The more expensive ones are often the most durable and realistic. It will also depend if the materials need to be imported from some place else.
  • Labor – When it comes to labor, the amount of work involved could influence the cost of installing your turf. Will they have to install on an existing lawn, plain soil, or concrete? Will extra soil need to be removed and dumped? Will the existing surface require compacting or leveling?
  • Size/Area – The size of the artificial lawn required will also be influential on the total price. Often, artificial grass installers compute costs per square foot.

Dealing with the Right Artificial Turf San Diego Installer

The average cost for the installation of synthetic grass in the Southern California area is around $9 to $12 per square foot. This could go higher depending on the factors discussed earlier. You might want to be cautious about companies that offer something lower than that if you want to make sure that your contractor really knows how to install artificial grass and that it is completed efficiently and on time.Make sure that you ask for a quote first after they have assessed the space to be installed on. Check their license, a valid certification, experience, and any projects they have handled recently so you can get an idea of the quality of their work.