Artificial Grass Installation San Diego Cost

The rate of homes opting for artificial grass San Diego lawns goes up by 10% to 15% every year, especially in low-water areas. Aside from installing it on lawns, people are using artificial grass for dogs San Diego parks, playgrounds, putting greens, and places that need low-maintenance, water-efficient grass.

What Makes Artificial Grass Special?

Fake grass can save your money and your back. There are many good points to having a synthetic turf which is why residential and commercial consumers are making the big change. Here are some of the most noteworthy reasons why artificial grass is a good investment:

  • It helps reduce water bills. Around 55 gallons of water can be saved from just one square foot of fake grass. Imagine how much that would cut from the monthly water bill.
  • Maintaining it is easy and inexpensive. Although there is the occasional leaf blowing and pet poop removal, the need for mowing, fertilizing, weeding, edging, and seeding are totally out of the picture.
  • It increases property value. A lawn is one of the contributing factors to a higher appraisal. With a lawn that looks mowed and green throughout the year, the resale figure will surely put a smile on the owner’s face.

Artificial Grass Cost Breakdown

It is natural for homeowners to want to know about the costs involved before having fake grass installed. The artificial grass cost of installation in San Diego is around $5 per square foot to just over $7 per square foot. This is for the basic artificial turf only and prices may go higher depending on several factors, such as:

  • Type of grass material used (basic or specialty)
  • Materials that might need to be sourced from outside San Diego
  • The size of the installation area
  • Labor
  • Level of surface preparation needed (if concrete needs to be pulled out, etc.)

artificial grass cost for installation san diegoThe general estimate is inclusive of the cost of transporting all materials, supplies, workers and equipment needed to the job site. The cost will also include the labor needed to prepare the job site and the lawn itself. It should also include the work that contractors do in regards to protecting sheds, garages and other structures on the property. The cost will also include any labor needed to lay the fake grass or arrange it, cleaning up the job site and removing any debris from the lawn.

Those interested in artificial grass installation should keep in mind that the estimate does not include some specific things such as modifying, moving or making any changes to the various operating systems in the home, including an exterior central air unit or the home’s plumbing system. The cost also does not include any permits needed for the work or the sales tax charged by the city, county or state.

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San Diego artificial grass cost of installation may be high upfront but this investment goes a long way. With the amount of money you save from water bills and maintenance, it is virtually free for the next 15 to 25 years. Water Wise Grass makes it easy for anyone living in the area to find out more about fake grass that looks just as rich, lush and green as the real thing. We invite you to give us a call for inquiries, quote requests, or to set up an appointment. For that rare combination of luxurious grass and low water bills, replace real grass with artificial grass today!