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For high quality and affordable artificial grass installation services perfect for your landscape in the Coronado area, Water Wise Grass takes care of and maximizes your turf with sustainable artificial grass. Replacing natural grass with artificial grass is one of the best ways to save money and protect the environment .  Call for Coronado artificial turf.

coronado artificial turf installation
Traditional natural grass in the Coronado area needs constant chemical fertilization to keep it the way it is. And often times, these chemicals contain elements that are harmful to you and your family. That’s why it’s better to switch to Water Wise Grass’ artificial turf as soon as possible. And once you avail of our 100% safe artificial turf, you’re not only protecting your family from harmful chemicals, but you’re also contributing to saving what’s left of the environment! So it’s a pretty good deal; you have a great lawn, your family’s safe from chemicals and you are considered as a supporter of eco-friendly living with our artificial grass.

Goodbye High Maintenance Lawns : Hello Coronado Artificial Turf

If you ever get tired of hiring someone to mow the lawn and maintain your turf with all the grass that needs to be cut, installing artificial grass could save you a lot of time and effort, and not to mention, water. We all know that even the Coronado, CA is an island, water has always been short. So to save time and effort, Water Wise Grass solves this dilemma.

So how do we install your Coronado artificial turf? It’s simple. During the prep phase, we remove three to four inches of soil. This will act as the base layer from which we could start the work. We can even go as far as removing difficult materials like concrete if the need arises. Then we’ll be installing three to four inches of either decomposed granite or Class II road base. One among the two will be used depending on the specifications of the job. Now this layer will be the base of the artificial grass. Once the turf has been laid out, we’ll be fastening all the borders needed to keep the artificial grass in place. It’s practically a simple process to achieve that awesome landscaping that not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Crown City, We’ve Got News for You!

With the high cost of living and the brink of luxury surrounding the Coronado Island, it’s important to put in mind that natural grass doesn’t last and look great all-year round! Save money on water and maintenance by installing artificial grass. Water Wise Grass has all kinds of turf designs suitable for your property and it could also maximize the luxury that you are enjoying right now. We can do more than just installing your artificial turf. We can even go as far as adding some mulch if needed, add rocks that could fill up blank spaces on the artificial turf design. Save time mowing and watering your turf as it can stand on its own without maintenance. Leave it the way it is for months and come back with it looking exactly the same.

Have one installed now! Unlike our other competitors, we’re licensed, insured and bonded. Our Water Wise Grass crew have been in the artificial grass industry it for over 25 years now, and we’re more than willing to lend you our expertise and give you the best installation service that you could only find with Water Wise Grass.

We do things quick and excellently. Once you hire Water Wise Grass, it’s a guarantee that your installation gets done properly from start to finish. Contact us now (858) 384-4502 for a FREE estimate.

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