Green Lawn All Year Round Poway, CA

We know that it’s hard to maintain your lawn if you live in Poway CA. It’s tricky to keep your grass green and fresh. Water’s a problem too. Your bills might double, you have to employ someone to do the job (or you can stress yourself if you DIY). That’s why The City in the Country is in for a great deal as a low-maintenance and quality artificial turf from Water Wise Grass is now available.  We offer affordable and attractive artificial turf Poway installations.

artificial turf Poway landscaping with-artificial-grass


A Poway California turf is an expensive investment. Water and maintenance are the main factors that tend to double up your spending. Artificial grass maximizes your turf and minimizes your spending. Regular lawns need constant maintenance and supervision (not to mention trimming it when it gets too long and defaces your lawn). By installing artificial turf, this is eliminated. Artificial grass needs zero maintenance. It never grows, it never thirsts, and it never turns brown. You won’t need to pressure yourself anymore. You can do your other business and not bat an eye to your artificial turf. It can stand on its own.

You are actually saving a lot if you have us install artificial turf in your Poway CA lawn. First is, of course, water. It’s less than 1% of the land’s geography, so we consider it as something precious. You wouldn’t want to stretch every possible way just to water your turf right? Secondly, you’re on the road to eco-friendly living. It’s 100% free from chemicals, and our synthetic turf material makes our artificial grass safe for all members of your family.

Sports in Poway, California can also be made more fun with our artificial turf! If you’re a tennis, soccer or golf buff, having Water Wise Grass’ artificial grass installed will cut the cost of maintenance and supervision. You can freely play sports without even thinking about the ways you could reduce the time you need for the turf’s maintenance, giving you more time to play and be with your friends.

If your kids like to play outside, and you want them safe at the same time, you can let them play in your artificial turf Poway backyard with an artificial grass installed of course! As it is safe from chemicals, it is also immune to fading which results into bald patches in a lawn with real grass. Artificial grass defaces these problems and lets your kids enjoy all the time in the world and a cool, playful environment. Your pets can benefit too, as you will never have a problem in cleaning up their mess and “it” being an eye sore on the lawn. Cleanup is fast and you won’t have to worry about “it” that much. It can’t be dug up, so there’s no soil excess. Less litter, less problem. Artificial grass will definitely be a good investment in Poway CA.

Don’t hesitate to call us for quality artificial turf Poway installation services. It’s the best way to save up on time, water and everything else. Water Wise Grass’ artificial grass is a worthy investment and will last for many years.

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